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CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Men's Shoes

Inspired by Hollywood, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC is a candid celebration of American life. The collection highlights the search for the American dream, while also embracing the American nightmare. The cinematic eye of Raf Simons depicts this balance of beauty and horror with a combination of vivid and dark colors, as well as various materials including leather, denim, rubber, fishnet, and silk. Reimagining the traditional to create a modern look for the contemporary woman and man, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC takes inspiration from iconic American archetypes, including cowboys and debutantes.

The CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC collection features designer shoes, dress shoes, and boots for men. The cowboy boots, designed with soft calf leather, explore folk traditions through a modern lens. The use of contrasting materials, including suede and leather, update classic silhouettes. Cowboy boots add a bold yet timelesss finishing touch to your outfit. Numerous styles of shoes for men perfectly complement every look, whether casual or formal.

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