Product Care

Handbag Care

Calvin Klein products are subject to the strictest standards of quality, which are monitored by our technical services department. Be aware that marks and irregularities in natural hides can appear in even the most luxurious skins; these occur naturally and should not be thought of as defects. In order to care for your beautiful bag and its beautiful leather goods, please observe the following: Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes, makeup, and lighter colored garments. If your bag should come into contact with water or precipitation, please do not rub the bag: just dab it with a moist cloth to absorb the moisture. Avoid using commercial products such as shoe polish, turpentine, oil, stain removers, alcohol or solvents. Do not rub your bag with anything abrasive to the touch. If your bag becomes soiled, please consult a specialist cleaner, or return to the shop of purchase for advice. Pale color bags, especially white and beige, are particularly sensitive to light, dust particles, and stains. It is difficult to maintain these colors in perfect condition. Stuff your bag with tissue paper in order to preserve the shape of the bag. Store it upright in the dust bag which accompanies it. Do not overload your handbag, as it alters the shape. Waterproof your bag regularly and clean it with adequate leather cleaning products. Calvin Klein bags are designed in natural materials (leather, wool, cotton, etc...) and synthetics.

Follow the same care and advice for all of the above items, and for further information, please contact a member of staff at the place of purchase.