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CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Women's Sunglasses

Inspired by Hollywood, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC is a celebration of American life. Raf Simons' cinematic vision of America includes the American dream, as well as the American nightmare. Beauty and horror are reflected through various materials like leather, denim, rubber, fishnet, and silk, as well as a wide range of colors. CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC reimagines traditional American archetpyes, including cowboys and diner waitresses, to create a modern wardrobe for today.

The CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC collection features women's accessories, including designer sunglasses for women. Each piece showcases a unique combination of materials and ideas. With artful deco-inspired designs, the designer sunglasses marry the traditional and the modern. The structured brow bars, angular metal frames, and brightly colors in the designs combine both past and present.

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